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How to identification the nylon elastic band

Chinlon is called nylon too, chemical name polyamide fiber. https://www.amdwebbing.com are high toughness, high wear resistance, high chemical resistance, good deformation resistance and also aging resistance. Its drawback is that the deal with is hard.

Nylon is typically with good flexibility! Its dyeing temperature level 100 degrees is ok! Dyeing with neutral or acid dyes. Its less immune than polyester, yet its stamina and also pilling resistance are much better than polyester! After melting the nylon s color of smoke is white.

There are 3 straightforward methods to determine nylon as well as polyester flexible:

Sensory differences
The even more brighter for glossiness of the cloth and also smoother of the manage is nylon; the darker and also rougher look of the cloth than nylon is polyester;

The simply technique to recognize difference between nylon as well as polyester is combustion! Polyester will release a great deal of black smoke after burning, while nylon will certainly produce white smoke. And also, to inspect the the residue after combustion.The residue of the polyester will fall apart in a pinch, as well as the residue of nylon will come to be plastic!

To scuff with a finger nail
Furthermore, you can additionally cut with your nail. After nail scratching, have apparent mark is cestane, the mark is not noticeable is nylon. Nevertheless, this method is not as intuitive as well as easy to distinguish as the previous one.

Nylon is twice as expensive as polyester.
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